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conf interval utility -...

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Unformatted text preview: d63f5b1c75f5f3fe904eb776a7f63c95380ec5a1.xls Introduction 1/5 Module 3 Excel Utility This workbook contains two utilities related to confidence intervals. Click on the appropriate worksheet tab to access the desired utility. 1. Confidence interval utility. Calculates confidence intervals for specified:- sample mean or- sample proportion- sample standard deviation- sample size- sample size- level of confidence- level of confidence 2. Sample size utility. Calculates the minimum sample size for a confidence interval for specified: - sample standard deviation- level of confidence- confidence interval width d63f5b1c75f5f3fe904eb776a7f63c95380ec5a1.xls Confidence Intervals 2/5 Confidence Interval Utility Type of Estimate: Mean Proportions Sample Size: n >= 30 n < 30 n >= 30 Input Area n 100 n 27 n 729 x-bar 5 x-bar 43.89 p-bar 0.01 s 10 s 25.28 confidence level 0.99 confidence level 0.95 confidence level 0.95 Output Area Center of Interval 5.00 Center of Interval 43.89 Center of Interval 0.01 0....
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conf interval utility -...

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