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MGMT 308 Sample Midterm - MGMT 308 Sample Midterm 1 A...

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MGMT 308 Sample Midterm 1. A profit-making activity that provides products that are intended to satisfy human needs is called a(n): A. Business. B. Ngo. C. Government. D. Society. 2. A formal pattern of relationships that links people together in order to accomplish a goal is a(n): A. Society. B. Idea. C. Institution. D. Ideology. 3. The nation-state is formed of all of the following elements EXCEPT: A. A ruling authority. B. Citizens. C. A territory with fixed borders. D. Liberalization. 4. Identify the form of government requiring the three elements of popular sovereignty, political liberty and majority rule. A. Democracy. B. Socialism. C. Communism. D. Liberalism. 5. What do corporations breach in exercising "power beyond right", when they endanger the public or act illegally? A. Legitimacy. B. Governments and laws. C. Social interest groups. D. Social contract. 6. All of the following are the major boundaries on managerial power EXCEPT: A. Governments and laws. B. Social interest groups. C. Social values. D. Elite dominance. 7. The political reform movement that arose among U.S. farmers in the late 1800s was: A. The populist movement. B. Plutocracy. C. The old Progressives. D. A boycott.
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8. Advocacy groups: A. Have unlimited memberships. B. Are accountable to a broad base of voters. C. Tap the deep cynicism in public opinion to build anger against the corporate target. D. Are willing to accept as responsible corporate behavior that is guided merely by laws. 9. These are people who believe in the maximum freedom to act or use property without interference by others, especially government. A. Libertarians. B. Democrats. C. Republicans. D. Conservatives. 10. All of the following statements are true of codes of conduct EXCEPT: A. They arise from a single source. B. They are formal statements of aspirations or principles. C. They are written by corporations. D. They guide corporate behavior. 11. The basic purpose of a company that defines the type of business in which the company is engaged in and explains how it differs from its competitors is called a(n): A. GRI. B. Mission statement.
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MGMT 308 Sample Midterm - MGMT 308 Sample Midterm 1 A...

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