HIST2057-final review

HIST2057-final review - Chronological Order: 1. Start of...

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Chronological Order: 1. Start of WWII, 1940s 2. Brown vs. Board of Education, 1954 3. Assassination of JFK, 1963 4. Watergate (Nixon scandal), 1970s 5. Iran Contras (Reagan scandal), 1980s 6. Attack by terrorists in New York City, 2001 Extra Credit: Brown vs. Board of Education (Know people involved with the case) Fill-in-the-blanks: Reagan’s economic plan: Supply side economics Assassination of JFK: November 22, 1963 Scandal involving Nixon: Watergate 1 st women on Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor (appointed by Reagan) Miranda vs. Arizona: must be read your rights Presidents (up until Johnson) that named their administrations: JFK: New Frontier Johnson: Great Society Truman: Fair Deal FDR: New Deal Teddy Roosevelt: Square Deal Joseph McCarthy: accused many people in 1950s of all kinds of bad things, but did not have any proof. Jackie Robinson: 1 st African American baseball player on the professional level. Alan Freed: coined the term “Rock ‘n Roll”, now it’s called rock. 19 th century voter turnout: very high after Civil War Gulf of Tonkin resolution: president of the U.S. got the authority to use as much as he wants to attack, to
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HIST2057-final review - Chronological Order: 1. Start of...

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