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5 o C in the summer. Heat transfer through the walls and roof is estimated to be 2400 kJ per hour per degree temperature difference between the inside and the outside. a) th Air only: = p2p1 pr2pr1 and = v2v1 vr2vr1 when s1=s2, pr and vr from Table A-22 Ideal gas: s1=s2, therefore, =( ) - T2T1 p2p1 k 1k and , =( ) - T2T1 v1v2 k 1 and, , =( ) p2p1 v1v2 k Refrigeration: = - βmax TcTH TC Heat Pump Cycle: = - γmax THTH TC Carnot Power Cycle: 1-2: reversible adiabatic compression, entropy change=0, isentropic 2-3: reversible, heat addition (isothermal heat addition)
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Unformatted text preview: 3-4: reversible adiabatic expansion (isentropic) 4-1: reversible heat rejection (isothermal) = ( ) zle V222 V222 s at steady state in which the flow is both isothermal and internally reversible, the appropriate form of the entropy rate balance is: = + (-) 0 QCVT m s1 s2 y Balance: Vapor Mixture: = + (-) s sf x sg sf and h at liquid states at the temperature: =-kRk 1 and =-cvT Rk 1 stant . 8 314 kJkmole∙K and = R RM <0 when work is done on the system e =--(-) Q m2u2 m1u1 he m2 m1...
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