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Short 1 Cameron Short Ms. Bray English 101 23 November 2009 The Miracle of Life and Love Parents are constantly delighted by their children. A child is born and a couple is tied to that small person for the rest of their lives. It is the job of the parents to love and care for these miracles. However, parenting techniques differ for each person. William Butler Yeats’ piece “A Prayer for my Daughter” and Gwendolyn Brooks’ piece “Life for my child is simple and is good” display the same idea: they want their children to have a prosperous and happy life. Although these pieces are not the same, they both exhibit the infallible theme of love for their children. Yeats wants to be a guiding, involved father while Brooks wants her son to “reach” to become the best person possible. The authors’ circumstances, the time in which the poems were written, and the cultural differences are things that work to separate and unite the two pieces. The time in which the poems were written is a similarity between the two works. Both of the pieces were written in the early/mid-1900s. This is an important connection because it means that the same world events were occurring at the time in which the pieces were created. William Butler Yeats wrote his poem in the 1920s. In Ireland during this time the government was undergoing some changes. The counter state that was set up in Ireland, “lasted from January 1919 until the Irish Free State was set up in 1922, the year when the Anglo-Irish Treaty was ratified” (Mitchell). The government was obviously something that was near to Yeats’s heart and something that could have affected his stance on writing. This could be a reason that Yeats is so worried about his daughter. He realizes the things that can happen in the world and wants
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Short 2 to protect her from controversy. Also, the idea that Yeats is a traditional Irishman is an evident and influencing aspect of the piece. Gwendolyn Brooks wrote her poem about the same time as Yeats. She was dealing with controversy of a different kind where she lived as well. There was much racial disagreement in Chicago during this time. The controversies that William Butler Yeats and Gwendolyn Brooks dealt with contribute to the reason they wrote about their children. Although their parenting techniques are different based on the way they handled their
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Essay 4 Draft 1 - Short 1 Cameron Short Ms. Bray English...

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