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Short 1 Cameron Short Ms. Warren English 102 25 April 2010 Revival of the Food Industry for the Safety of Americans People endanger their heath everyday by eating meat produced by the current food industry. This American food system has become an organization of people who no longer care about the quality of food, but the monetary value of it. Americans are being fed packaged meat that is at high risk of disease because of the lack of regulation and the harsh living environments of the animals before they are slaughtered. Specifically, mad cow disease is a primary candidate to demonstrate the lack of quality meat in today’s society. The fatal disease attacks the nervous system and kills the victim rapidly. Although America has seen only three people specifically with the disease, the United States is well on its way to an outbreak of mad cow much like the one seen in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. Regulation for the disease has decreased because it costs too much money to provide for safe testing, better feed for the cows, and proper machines to slaughter the animals. Overall, the current food industry needs to be revitalized to provide better regulation for food borne diseases such as mad cow disease and decrease the potential health risk to Americans. Mad cow disease, scientifically known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), is a disease that affects the nervous system and leaves the victim with an illness that resembles Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms include: memory loss, hallucinations, poor judgment, personality changes, weight loss, loss of appetite, changes in sleep patterns, and weakness of the muscles. There is no cure for the disease and the victim generally dies within eight months of
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Short 2 diagnosis (“Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease”). The main cause of the disease is an abnormal prion, which is a protein found in cows. This prion can make other prions fold abnormally and affects other parts of the animal (Tenenbaum 1). The disease was first seen in Great Britain in 1986 when about 143 people were diagnosed with the disease in a short period of time (“Creutzfeldt- Jakob Disease”). Mad cow disease has a long incubation period of about 30 months, meaning that it takes an extensive amount of time, in relation to a cow’s life in today’s slaughterhouse society, for a cow to fully develop the infection (Tenenbaum 2). It is not entirely certain how mad cow disease is transmitted from cows to humans. However, it is apparent that cows can contract the disease from eating meat of infected cows and humans can develop the disease from simply eating infected cow meat (“Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease”). Cooking the meat does not rid the meat of the infected prions (Adams). The disease itself comes with serious consequences for those who have consumed contaminated beef. Many people are under the impression that mad cow disease is not an issue in the United
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Essay - Short 1 Cameron Short Ms. Warren English 102 25...

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