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Adam Gillam BIS 450 Week 1 Assignment The company I choose is Computing Made Easy (CME), a small computer company in Quincy Illinois that I am currently employed with. The company is a two man organization but there are many clients, both business and residential, which we care for on a daily basis. The town where we conduct this business has an approximate population of 41,000 people and there are numerous smaller towns surrounding us as well. We service a 50 mile radius area and have done up to six service calls in one day. At CME we have instituted a new policy for our one and two year service plan contracts. One major issue that we are having with these contracts is keeping up with which computer has a contract and which ones do not (mainly for customers with multiple computers) as one computer’s service plan does
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Unformatted text preview: not cover a separate computer owned by the same customer. This lack of organization causes confusion and in some cases customers are taking advantage of it as well. I propose a web based database where we can input all of the customers that have service plans and update the information as needed. This website will need a home page with options to view customers’ plans, see which computers are on file for each customer, and see what work has been done on those computers. The site should be accessible to the customer as well with read only type rights so that they can view their information as well before they bring their machine in. I believe that this will help CME organize the customer data for those who have service contracts and will also help the customers keep track of their own policies....
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