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PEER EVALUATION Composite score of up to 10 points Required of all Group Members At the end of your Group’s Week, please complete this peer evaluation for each member of your group (including yourself). The composite score from these evaluations will be your Group Peer Evaluation grade. Copy this form to your CPU, save it. Fill in the table below and upload the completed form in your week 8 drop box. Rate each group member on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest attainable score. Include comments on why you assigned the rating you did to each member. Your peer evaluations will be strictly confidential . Each group member’s composite score will be posted in that person’s Grade book under Peer Evaluation. However, individual ratings will not be revealed. Factors to consider when evaluating group members. Communication with group members, normally via email Cooperation with group members to establish the schedule of postings, the sharing of initial article/cartoon posting to avoid duplication and to
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Unformatted text preview: ensure full coverage of the TCO and chapter terms, concepts, etc. • Assumption of responsibility for tasks to be completed. • Completion of tasks. • Comprehension of material Group Letter: Group Member: list names Rating (1 – 10) and Comments 1) Myself: Adam Gillam 6. Was not able to attend final presentation. 2) Melissa Dougherty 8: Very good work on final paper 3) Robinson Garcia 9. Very good team leader, always answers emails in a timely manner 4) Theresa Gardley 7. Attended meetings but was not very considerate of another team members needs 5) Robert Georgie 8. Helpful and considerate, worked well with the group 6) April Godfrey 9. Did an excellent job despite limitations to web access Comments about your Group: While most of the group was easy to work with I found one or two that were not very cooperative and were selfish. I did not attend most of the meetings because of this and instead kept constant contact with the team leader....
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Gillam_A_Team_B_Peer_Evaluation - ensure full coverage of...

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