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Adam Gillam Week 6 Case Study 02/10/2011 Shanks former boss neglected two of the five basic needs, self-actualization and esteem. By telling her that she is nothing but a number and she is easily replaceable they have taken away her feeling of worth and respect by others. This action also had an adverse affect on her moral which caused her not to care about the job or her position there. I believe that if Shank’s old boss would have acknowledged her individuality and given her some sort of reassurance then she would have felt better about the job and she would have performed better as well. According to the Expectancy Theory an employee will decide to act a certain way if the supposed outcome is what they desire. If the employee believes that they are going to be paid more if they increase their productivity then they will most likely do whatever it takes to increase their performance. A
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Unformatted text preview: manager could use this as an advantage and set up incentive programs for performance and sales. This would give the employee a sense of accomplishment and fulfill their need for more sustenance. There seemed to be a lot of focus placed on job security. A couple of the employees mentioned that they do not feel like just a number and that they know that they are safe. One employee said that the owners are very understanding and lenient of mistakes, these factors make her feel like she is needed and like she can have error so long as she learns from her mistakes. As far as motivation factors, recognition and responsibility are high on Flight 001’s list. The employees seem to feel respected and needed by the management and owners....
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