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Adam Gillam HUMN 432 Final Presentation assignment Group B, Internet in South Korea In the first section of this presentation Group B gives a brief description of South Korea including location on a world map, the capitol city (Soul or Seoul), and how Korea was split on the 38 th Parallel (demilitarization zone) following the end of the Korean War in the 1950’s. South Korea is a democracy and enjoys freedom of religion and the three top preferred religions of South Koreans are Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Korea is loosely influenced by Chinese culture but have a very unique culture themselves as well. Korean food is based on rice, vegetables, and other healthy products. South Korea has the fastest broadband in the world and is labeled the most wired nation. In South Korea there is an organization which operates all toll highways and other service amenities; this organization is called the Korea Express Corporation. South Korea has sent up 10 satellites since 1992 and their rocket program is very important. South Korea is planning on building and launching a new rocket, the KLSV-2 sometime in 2018. South Korea is the 5 th largest nuclear power in the world and this technology is used to power approximately 45% of all of its electricity. They are also the makers of Samsung and LG technologies which are very prominent brands used around the world. Overall the Internet is viewed as a good technology by most of the inhabitants and has played a major role in society and culture. Some ethical and moral issues with the Internet in South Korea are internet addiction, censorship, and pornography. South Korea is the second largest revenue for the pornography industry in the world with approximately $26 Billion in revenues in 2006. One in ten citizens is addicted to the Internet in South Korea; that is nearly 2 Million individuals.
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I believe that the content of this presentation was put together very well and that the group did very well presenting the data even though there were members missing. The slides were put together well and looked very neat and presentable. One problem I did see was that Theresa tended to read off of the slide rather than present the data in a more unique manner. Group E, Journey of Egyptian Communication Egypt’s earliest form of communication is hieroglyphics which is made up of approximately 1000 symbols. Hieroglyphics were used to record history and accomplishments, not for day-to-day communication. Egyptians also built pyramids to tell the story of important people in their history; the pyramids housed the remains of that person and artifacts from their time.
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Gillam_Adam_Fianl_Presentation_Alternative_Assignment -...

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