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Adam Gillam Week 6 Assignment 02/12/2011 There are many different ways to tap into the hidden job market. Social networking sites are very popular and there are so many available that they are hard to ignore. There are many different types of these networking sites as well ranging from dating to professional. I am not a big fan of social websites but I have found them helpful in meeting new people. By creating a networking profile on Facebook or Myspace you open up new possibilities for meeting people. You can also place your resume on a job site such as Monster because there are many employers who do not advertise their openings but instead search profiles for candidates. Volunteering at political events and other types is a great way to get your name recognized and it shows a selfless attitude which is important to some employers. There are also blogs and forums that you could post to, this will show your knowledge in that area and allow others to see what you know. There are many professional websites that seem to have a lot of information about different fields and networking strategies. One of these sites, Association for Information Management Professionals , contains information about events and there are conferences and summits each year. As a member you meet people in your field and learn about career opportunities. There are several classes of members; professional, student,
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Gillam_Adam_Week_6_Assignment - Adam Gillam Week 6...

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