Rough Draft Submission

Rough Draft Submission - Since the Internet was introduced...

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Since the Internet was introduced as a new technology to the general public in the early 1990’s there have been moral and ethical issues associated with it. Some of the more known and problematic issues that have come out of the Internet are identity theft, virus and malware type infections, and unauthorized access to personal computers and mainframes through hackers. There have been many attempts to defend the general public against these attacks but it seems every day that there are new ethical and moral issues that arise. Due to the increase in these issues many countries have implemented laws that span across their entire region and there are even laws which have been implemented globally to fight back against these unethical acts. Another issue that the world has encountered due to the increase in technology and the Internet is porn and other addictive activities. Porn has made the Internet unsafe and in most cases immoral. The Internet is saturated with pornography and sites that are not suitable for the general public. There have been many meetings about the rights of the companies that put this content on the Internet and there are still mixed feelings when this subject is discussed. There are many sites and activities that are very addictive on the Internet. From online gaming to social networking people are becoming more and more addicted to online activity. There are many people who would rather spend time online playing a game or chatting on sites like Facebook and Twitter than spend time with their own children doing family oriented activities. One instance of where social networking took precedence over family is in the case of a Jacksonville, Florida woman who murdered her three month old child because he would not stop crying while she was trying to play Farmville ( 27/story/jacksonville-mom-shakes-baby-interrupting-farmville-pleads-guilty-murder ).
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Rough Draft Submission - Since the Internet was introduced...

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