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TEAM CONTRACT Busn 460, Spring B – 2011 Team- B Team Name: Masters of Success Team Members: 1) Glen Evans 2) Cheyanne Garry 3) Adam Gillam 4) Susan Layton 5) Cory McLindsay Team Procedures 1. Day, time, and place for regular team meetings : Sundays Every week at 9pm Eastern Time in iConnect. 2. Preferred method of communication (e.g., e-mail, cell phone, wired phone, Blackboard Discussion Board, face-to-face, in a certain class) in order to inform each other of team meetings, announcement, updates, reminders, problems: E-mail, iConnect, discussion board, phone text or call for those who choose to give their numbers out. 3. Decision-making policy (by consensus? by majority vote?): By consensus and if persons are not able to be reached then a majority vote. 4. Method for setting and following meeting agendas (Who will set each agenda? When? How will team members be notified/reminded? Who will be responsible for the team following the agenda during a team meeting? What will be done to keep the team on track during a meeting?): The weekly Leader is responsible for agenda and e-mailing team members. Everyone should help keep meeting on track. 5. Method of record keeping (Who will be responsible for recording & disseminating minutes? How & when will the minutes be disseminated? Where will all agendas & minutes be kept?): Schedule to be set in first meeting. Agendas and minutes will be turned in by the leader
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This note was uploaded on 05/18/2011 for the course BIS 450 taught by Professor Ickbob during the Spring '11 term at DeVry Buckhead.

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Team_B__Contract-Final_Draft_-BUSN_460-Spring_B_2011 - TEAM...

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