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Worksheet%203-notes - "i fir*t Phys 100 Worksheet 3...

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lI "i¡ fir*t '{ ,i} Name: Student ID: Nutrition FacÉs Seryingslrzel 1 62 (2eg) rl 11, i Ì ìi t.þ Instructions: You will work again in groups of 2-3 students but each student should fill out his or her own worksheet. 1) Calculate the energy per sram contained in this ÞEffiffi| Phys 100 - Worksheet 3 Enerry and Power Units cereal bar. (5 min.) 1 Cal. : I kcal :4.2kJ þfce<.gl , 0.026b 2) You often hear athletes referring to food as the body's fuel. To what other fuel is food similar in energy content? (5 min., clickers) . Natural gas 47 MYkg I . Heating oil 43MYkg I . Coal 2g}/lJlkp I . wbod @ó<-t . Gasoline 35 MJ/kg 3) Power is defined as "rate of energy transfer", so o-AE I -- Lt J Âffi.ú9Ð. Èrui.rà c,ð'Ðikr|', L_OS CalorieÊ frorÁ Fat fg satuBteó Fât O.43 g Trare Fal Cholest€rol O mg gorlauJrt 84.2 mg poüassiu'r S!.3 ßg fotai cãtbÐltyórãte 20.Ø g ôietery Fiber t-54 g sugae 9.53 g Svgat Ncono]lÉ Pro,teln L.22 g lrlta,Í''ír, A 574,65 7U
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