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Phys 100 - Worksheet 8 Earth Energy Balance Instructions : Discuss each step in small space. Name: Student ID: gtoups. Write on the back or an additional sheet for more Introduction: The basic physics that determines the Earth's climate can be understood using an energy balance model that is similar to the one we used for home heating. Our task is the calculation ofthe average surface temperatue on Earth. Our approach is the five-step problem-sol ving strategy. Step 1: Interpret the Problem What is our system? What is our goal? Visualize with a sketch.
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Unformatted text preview: t>e.-9t^ Step 2: Model the problem State any simplifying assumptions, limìtations or constraints Draw special diagrams List the given information, including definitions ofrelevant symbols What factors contribute to the (average) surface temperature? Why is the temperatüe consfant over long periods of time? What physics principle(s) applies? s = 136> lr2 h¿ a-b'-'e- t ç¡^^-[ì -- ,,, ) e,7r,< cJ,,-n OoLr"r-cut=e-: Cr,s5s ?cLv.- 4 €e-l'L 4-ar<<^ "L t"¿'ç A= 4o k"--f ^¿ k= -f K^ A,r<Â-...
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