1. The Great Terror - The Great Terror 2/22/11 1....

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The Great Terror 2/22/11 1. Historical Background i. Civil war, NEP and First 5 Year Plan ii. Kulaks and “Socially harmful elements” 1. Dekulakization: to working camps far out in Siberia or death 2. Socially harmful elements: homeless, gypsies, and other minor nationalities; embarrassment to Stalin’s vision of the Soviet Union 3. Workers: death to people who halt the industrialization; wreckers, stealing supplies b. The political police: GPU NKVD i. 1932, GPU incorporated into NKVD: starts to engage in great terror movements ii. Local officials didn’t have rights over NKVD 1. Local officials could have own trials but were much less severe; a fine at most c. Anti-Stalinist opposition: i. 16 th Party Congress: “Deviationists” Capitulate 1. Stalin denounces the violence against peasants; goes back on what he said just a few years earlier [mainly to gain their trust] 2. Deviationists forced to capitulate [say there were wrong, ask for forgiveness] ii. Trotskyists, Riutin Platform 1. Trotsky expelled from Russia in 1929 2. Attacks Stalinist leadership; betrayals of revolution a. Smuggled in his own newspaper but few were able to obtain it 3. Riutin Platform: issued by Riutin [Moscow official]; calls for Stalin removal from power; “Stalin will not and cannot voluntarily give up position so must give it up by force” 4. Stalin called for his arrest and execution [1932] iii. Stalin’s Paranoia? Nadezhda’s Suicide 1. Slowly becomes more paranoid; in 1932 [Nov 7; anniversary of revolution] Nadezhda commits suicide; leaves will that denounces Stalin for the brutality of the collectivization campaign [year coincides with the famine] 2. After this, Stalin becomes more paranoid 3. Stalin left to raise his 2 children iv. 17 th Party Congress: Vote Suppressed [known as “Congress of Victors”] 1. Stalin gives speeches of great success of collectivization and industrialization campaign 2. At these, get ready to vote for the next CC; choice was to cross out one name
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1. The Great Terror - The Great Terror 2/22/11 1....

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