2. Constitutional Experiment

2. Constitutional Experiment - Constitutional Experiment 1...

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Constitutional Experiment 1. Electoral System; Performance of Dumas a. 39% peasants – wanted radical land reform [Kadets heavy influence at first] i. Tsar felt he could reverse any Duma policies ii. After first 3 months, czar dissolves Duma and reelections held 1. Kadets go down; Octoberists and Mensheviks go up 2. Months go by; dissolved again and reelections held; reduction of workers, peasants, and non-Russian minorities by half; most wealthy population has major say along with Octoberists b. Stolypin Land Reforms: “Wager on the Strong” i. Prime minister of 3 rd Duma; push off drunken and weak and replace them with sturdy and strong 1. Attempted: try to get rid of commune in countryside; [allow you to inherit the land you have [private property]] 2. Allow you to consolidate the varies strips of land that was spread out 3. By 1915- ½ of peasant land was inheritable but only 10% was consolidated a. Later assassinated ii. After 1905, bit more freedom in press, etc; no need for revolution? WWI screws that up c. Economic growth i. Becoming more industrial; per capita still remain low ii. Employers granting higher wages, 10 hours of work, and better standards 1. Labor Unrest: Lena Goldfields Massacre [4/12/1912] a. In Siberia; conditions terrible than in cities; go on strike for better conditions; employers say no, military comes in and a couple hundred are killed b. More strikes happen and protest; workers more political than in 1905
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2. Constitutional Experiment - Constitutional Experiment 1...

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