2. Great Terror and Gulags

2. Great Terror and Gulags - Great Terror Continued 1...

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2/24/11 Great Terror Continued 1. Terror Continued a. Quotas, Gains a Momentum of its Own i. 1937: established quotas in each district [with a category for deaths and category for years in gulag]; many police officials tried to exceed quotas to look better b. Show trails- Big Three: Zinoviev, Radek, Bukharin i. 1936, 37, 38; first in Aug of 1936 about Zinoviev, Kamenev; charged with plotting terrorists assassination of Stalin and top people in cahoots with Germany’s Gestapo ; some Old Bolsheviks were killed before the show trial if the police thought they wouldn’t confess during trial -> must look legitimate; trial lasted 5 days, in last day Zinoviev and Kamenev targeted Bukharin [and Tomsky] and others, screwing them over later [supposedly were promised their lives if cooperated but was lie] ii. When Tomsky reads him being denounced in newspaper next day, he kills himself; others wait around, hoping to not be arrested late at night iii. Workers in factories were take vote on resolution demanding severe punishment during the actual show trial iv. Jan 1937: second trial: targeted Pyatakov [had big achievements with 5 year industrial plant], Radek [popular journalist]; charged with plotting with germany and japan to dismantle soviet union and install capitalism; all failures of soviet industry [rushing, chaos, etc] is blamed on them and included Trotsky [even though he was in Norway at the time] 1. Local party organizations were also carrying out purges of their own v. Jan 1938; third trial; targeted Bukharin [sent letter in prison asking for forgiveness, a painless death, and to say goodbye to family] and Rykov vi. Why confess? Darkness at Noon
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2. Great Terror and Gulags - Great Terror Continued 1...

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