3. The Provisional Government and Rise of the Soviets

3. The Provisional Government and Rise of the Soviets -...

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1/27/11 The Provisional Government and Rise of the Soviets **** SECOND ESSAY TOPIC: Did the Provisional Government have a realistic chance of success in 1917? 1. Interpretations: Optimists vs. Pessimists a. What should be future government? i. Even before czar abdicates, group of people from Russia’s 4th Duma [the liberal wing] create Provisional Government in 1917 1. PG got rid of governors and beaucracy; PG could issue decrees but would the people listen? ii. Only temporary; waiting for voting of Constituent Assembly iii. On same day in other part of palace, the Petrograd Soviet is being resurrected 1. Most in Soviet at first are SR and Mensheviks iv. Both agree on certain things: amnesty of political prisoners and exiled peoples a. Mad rush of revolutionaries to Petrograd 2. Along with basic rights, preparations for elections of a Constituent Assembly, abolition of racial or religious discrimination, and… 3. Abolition of police bodies and replaced with people’s militia 4. Military people not to be moved to Western front of war and civil rights for soldiers off duty 2. Dual Power: Provisional Government: Lvov [prime minister of Provisional Gov], Miliukov [leader of Kadets; foreign minister]; Kerensky [minister of justice and by summer 1917 becomes prime minister of P.G.] a. Old Liberals = New Conservatives b. First Steps: Liberal Reforms; Continue the war c. The Petrograd Soviet: Moderate Socialists i. Order No. 1 1. Issued by soviet; to soldiers of garrison in Petrograd; committees elected in all batteries, military groups, etc [aka Soviets] 2. to obey their officers and the Provisional Government only if their orders did not contradict the decrees of the Petrograd Soviet 3. officers have no access to arms; controlled by soviet’s of each unit
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4. officers no longer address as “Your Excellency” and for soldiers to be treated
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3. The Provisional Government and Rise of the Soviets -...

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