4. Bolshevik Seizure of Power

4. Bolshevik Seizure of Power - 2/1/11 Power of the...

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2/1/11 Power of the Bolsheviks 1. Bolsheviks’ Rebound: Soviet Majorities a. Bolshevik Seizure of Power i. Gained most votes in Petrograd [Aug 31] and Moscow [Sept 25] Soviets, also some across countryside ii. Only real alternative to P.G. b. Lenin’s urges immediate action; mobilization i. Sneaks back into Petrograd from Finland; urges for uprising while time is right; soldier and peasants in revolutionary mood ii. Two Bolshevik leaders [Zinoviev and Kamev] oppose Lenin’s want for uprising and release it to opposing press; still remain in party iii. Some rewrites of history: Leon Trotsky; main Bolshevik who mobilizes troops of Red Army and leads; try to rewrite him out later in history iv. Kerensky [PM of PG] thinks Bolsheviks have no chance v. Trotsky sends Red Guards to seize key communication points across city vi. Kerensky moves to Winter Palace [not good moved; reminds people of old regime] vii. Battleship Aurora fires blanks at Winter Palace [Bolshevik control] viii.Main point: no one wanted to protect PG ix. Kerensky heads out back door to American embassy to try to get to front war zone to bring back loyal troops to protect against Red Army c. Second Congress of Soviets; Outside Petrograd i. Lenin wanted to gain control before Second Congress of Soviet to present to the congress fail it accompli; announces PG has fallen ii. Who gave Lenin authority? Lenin says people on street said all power to soviets; Mensheviks/right-SRs say you’re causing civil war and walk out of the congress; Bolsheviks have clear majority iii. Some armed fights in Moscow but after 1 week Bolsheviks take control iv. Kerensky leaves Russia and heads to Stanford, U.S. 2.
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4. Bolshevik Seizure of Power - 2/1/11 Power of the...

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