4. Nazi –Soviet Agreement and Betrayal, WWII

4. Nazi –Soviet Agreement and Betrayal,...

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Nazi –Soviet Agreement and Betrayal, WWII 3/3/11 a. Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, 1939 1. Stalin replaces Litvinov with Molotov as foreign minister 2. Nazi’s aimed at Poland next 3. Germany and SU sign non-aggression pact in Aug 1939; were to split up Poland 4. Stalin thought he had outwitted the West ; they had so far not attempted to aid SU ii. Secret Protocols: “Spheres of Influence” 1. After war, Eastern Europe suppose to be split between Stalin and Hitler 2. West was dumbfounded a. Stalin to an extent, got greedy with Hitler iii. Partition of Poland; Annexation of Baltics a. Sept 1, 1939; invasion of Poland by Nazis b. Sept 3: Britain and France go into war against Germany 2. Polish troops no match for Nazis; Nazis quickly move across Poland 3. On September 18, SU invades the other side of Poland a. Do same conditions during Stalin times: rounding up of kulaks, executions of nobility, and sending of people to gulags; in part to annex their part of Poland into SU 4. Brutal Repression of Elites, Nationalists b. Expansion and Coexistence, 1939-1940 1. Wanted sphere of influence to protect Leningrad 2. Fins offered a line to protect Leningrad area but Stalin greedy and wanted more buffer; thought could overtake them ii. War with Finland: Soviet Military Humiliation 1. Fins put up serious resistance behind Manor-Hind line even though poorly supplied ; terrible winter conditions and strong resistance push them back and create mass losses 2. Finns invent Molotov cocktail; used these against Red Army 3. SU kicked out of United Nations; seen as signs of aggression 4. After many causalities and SU POW’s, they eventually get their line wanted ; shows SU was greatly weakened with military purges and some debates as that soldiers moral was low and uninterested in fighting Finland
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4. Nazi –Soviet Agreement and Betrayal,...

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