5. Civil War - Civil War New Essay Topic Were the...

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2/3/11 Civil War *** New Essay Topic: Were the Bolsheviks militarized and brutalized by the civil war or were they like that all along? 1. Civil War a. Military events : Kolchak, Denikin, Yudenich, Wrangel 1. Aided by foreign governments; provided advice and materials but no real foreign troops ii. 1919: Bolsheviks most threatened; hold onto center of Russia; opposed from Siberia [led by Kolchak]; from South [led by Denikin] to Moscow; and from North [led by Yudenich] towards Moscow iii. Petrograd threatened by Yudenich’s forces; Trotsky able to raise forces, even though Lenin was about to let it go, to combat at Petrograd; Yudenich’s forces stopped iv. Denikin got within 200 miles of Moscow; Whites promises rewards to first soldiers to get to Moscow but they are also pushed back; remnants of his forces led by Wrangel but they are also pushed back b. Causes of White Defeat: Disunity, Geography, Outgunned and Outnumbered, lack of support i. Defeated: inability for Whites to work together as one; Bolsheviks helped prevent that ii. Moscow center of railroads so Bolsheviks controlled them ; geographic advantage iii. by 1921; Trotsky builds up Red Army into real army of 5 million troops [half of these become communists members]; inherit form war material from old government; Whites getting arms from West but not good enough iv. Lack of support: White officers fell to appreciate civil war; alienate much of population wanted to get Reds out and lost their support; had no positive agenda [didn’t talk about making things better]; fought in land were wasn’t really Russia, and they wanted a united Russia, no minor nationalities weren’t interested; Whites promised to return land to landlords so peasants not helping them v. No one really volunteered so mainly officers and conscripted peasants who really had no interest vi. By 1921, pushed Southern front out of country = mass immigration; some 2 million people leave [especially intellectuals and middle-upper classes] c. War w/ Poland: Russia Stopped
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5. Civil War - Civil War New Essay Topic Were the...

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