5. WWII cont.. - 3/8/11 WWII cont a. Dismantlement and...

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3/8/11 WWII cont… a. Dismantlement and evacuation of industry [the one success at beginning of war] i. Dismantle industrial factories and enterprises are sent eastward to protect from Nazis; 25 million people also move to east to work in factories 1. Soviet economy is able to out produce Germany industries; keeps them afloat to fight ii. Scorched earth policy: to destroy anything that couldn’t be evacuated [and might be of use] before the Germans came upon it [crops, cattle, homes, food, rail lines, communication lines, etc.] 1. Meant utter miser for citizens/peasants who stayed b. Siege of Leningrad [Aug 1941 – Feb. 1944] a. 1 million citizens die along with about 1 million in soldiers 2. By late Sept, outside of city 3. Defense of city headed by Zhukov; rallies for defense of city 4. Introduction of Katyusha soviet rockets; not very accurate; women helped build defenses for city 5. By Oct, Nazi’s know can’t take city so bombard it and starve the people out ii. Lake Ladoga: “Road of Life” or “Road of Ice” 1. 30 miles from Leningrad to here; beyond Nazi reach 2. Get to lake, then people would be transported across to safety [first on boats then on trucks during freezing conditions] 3. By 1943, provisions brought into city via route and starts to end starvation iii. Cold, dark, insufficient rations 1. Decreasing rations; Nazi’s bombed warehouses full of grain and other provisions iv. The Great Famine and survival strategies 1. How did they survive: Some people resulted to cannibalism, attempted to eat anything [boiling leather], making food out of nothing [bread from sawdust],
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5. WWII cont.. - 3/8/11 WWII cont a. Dismantlement and...

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