7. Origins of Cold War

7. Origins of Cold War - Origins of Cold War 1 WWI I a Hard...

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3/22/11 Origins of Cold War 1. WWII a. Hard victories: Leningrad, Ukraine, Kiev b. D-Day: Western Allies open second front i. June 1944; a year after battle of Kursk ii. Without this, Stalin would have taken over all of Europe c. Soviets “Liberate” Eastern Europe and Death Camps i. After Kursk, Red Army pushes into Eastern Europe 1. Still suffering heavy losses; capitals of eastern states in rubble 2. Soviets first to reach death camps and liberate them; showed the horrors to the world of occupied territories; hatred grows as large scale as Red Army goes further towards Berlin [regardless, heavy casualties during the war and families lost along the way; rape of the land [and people]] ii. Hatred of the Germans - War Poetry 1. War correspondent: Ilya Ehrenburg, wrote prose but also poetry 2. Calls for need to kill Germans; rallies the troops 3. A notion that Germany would destroy Russian property when their own was so much better really angered the Red Army troops [troops felt need to destroy property like Nazi’s did in Russia but Stalin wanted German resources before other Allies came] d. Victory: Battle of Berlin i. Start to enter by April, 1945 1. Contest to see which Russian general could get to Berlin first; many troops lives wasted in order to get there first [last of 2 weeks of war = 300,000 casualties] ii. Looting, raping, celebrating 1. Watches a big thing to steal 2. Raping begins on massive scale even before reaching Germany [as much as 100,000 raped or even 2 million in some accounts[in Germany]]; officers looked the other way; put to a halt after a few months after war 3. Mass celebration in Moscow on treaty day [May 7-8] e. Cost of victory: Human and material losses i. Evaluating Stalin’s role 1. Soviets were constantly loosing soldiers, whether dead of MIA
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7. Origins of Cold War - Origins of Cold War 1 WWI I a Hard...

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