11 - ***Administrative System in early HAN . 24 Commanders...

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The Making of Chinese Empires ***Qin Empire: The First Emperor He used to manage 7 different state in different part of china. ***Consolidation of Empire: .Centralized bureaucracy .Ideological control- burning books, burying alive 460 scholars .Standardization of weight measures, coinage, and scripts .Construction of road networks .Construction of the great Wall .Conquering the Yue in the south and Xiongnu in the north. ***The HAN Empire: (206 BC-AD 220) Laissez faire in Early HAN Founding Emperor: LIU BANG . Tax reduction 1/15 and then 1/30 of harvest . Emancipation of slaves . Legal reform ***QIN .Tattooing .Amputation .Removal of ext genitals .Beheading .Bisection ***HAN .Beating with light bamboo .Beating with heavy bamboo .Hard labor .Exile .Death by strangulation
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Unformatted text preview: ***Administrative System in early HAN . 24 Commanders . 9 Princedoms of the LUIS . 7 Princedoms of other surnames . Rebellion of the seven Lui Princes, 154 BC *** Administrative centralization .Limiting princedoms and marquisates .Promoting Filial and honest men .Rule of avoidance .Creating inner court of eunuchs .Circuit inspectors ***Confucianism as state ideology .Dong Zhongshu(179-104 BC) .Cosmology oneness of man and heaven .Morality and punishment (YIN and YANG) *** Wars with the Xiongnu: .Early Han: appeasement/ Intermarriage .Emperor Wu: grand campaigns, 119 BC .Westward migration of the Huns after AD 73 *** The three KIngdoms (AD 220-280) The Battle at Guangdu A.D. 200 Cao Cao vs. Yuan Shao...
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11 - ***Administrative System in early HAN . 24 Commanders...

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