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China Final - Introduction to China Study Guide for Final...

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Introduction to China Study Guide for Final Exam I. Important Terms: The Book of Songs (Shi Jing) Dream of the Red Chamber Forbidden City Opium War Taiping Rebellion Self-Strengthening Movement Hundred-Day Reform Boxer Rising Revolution of 1911 Li Hongzhang Kang Youwei Empress Dowager Cixi Yuan Shikai Sun Yat-sen Chiang Kai-shek May Fourth Movement Agricultural Collectivization Great Leap Forward Anti-Rightist Campaign Cultural Revolution Tiananmen Protest of 1989 Household Responsibility System Household Registration System Deng Xiaoping Jiang Zemin II. Questions: 1. What are the most important changes in China’s foreign relations during the nineteenth century? What are the reasons and consequences of such changes? 2. Compare the Taiping and Boxer rebellions: What spiritual means were used to mobilize the rebels? How did the rebels treat the Qing government and the West? What were the most important consequences of the rebel- lions?
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