Exam1.ID's - April Thesis: Lenins speech; need to work...

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April Thesis: Lenin’s speech; need to work towards socialists revolutions of the world; a workers revolution in Russia could spread to other Western countries, including Germany. Others at first wary, but then Lenin wins them over and Len- in’s return has created whole new element. What Is To Be Done?: In favor of Marxism. Need a political power to fur- ther the revolution. Constituent Assembly : Elections; dispersal,Elections scheduled 3 weeks after October Revolution. Bolsheviks allow it; people enthusiastic about it and Bolsheviks get about 25% of vote; SRs [peasant group] get majority; about 87% of population vote for a socialist group . Bolsheviks lost, but Lenin has no means to release control of government . Had first assembly; Bolsheviks ask to ratify their seizure of power [they say no] and when they come back from second del- egation, gates are closed to building and Bolsheviks say CA has been dispersed . No big outraged; peasants were given land by Bolsheviks, soldiers like Bolsheviks so no uprising . Bloody Sunday: Nationwide unrest , sparks mass demonstrations, strikes, rallies. Peasants start to rise. Even parts of military mutiny on ships. October Manifesto :Workers strike, railroad workers paralyze the economy and troops can’t be moved to put down unrest because of railroads. Some basic freedoms and creates lower house of representation composed of people from all sectors.
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Exam1.ID's - April Thesis: Lenins speech; need to work...

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