Russian 3rd ID"s - the health of the nation (end...

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Pospelov Commission Anti-Party Group Hungarian Uprising Novocherkassk Massacre Virgin Lands Campaign: cotton--> massive irrigation. ...draining one of largest lakes in world Aral Sea, diverted by irrigation 1980 → reduced by 40%. ..smaller. ...ships landlocked one of most dramatic oil industry building massive pipelines, oil spills. ..a major problem (post-soviet) lots of $$ leaking oil into environment lake baikal → SE of Sibera, the oldest/largest / deepest lake in the world, famous for the clear water. result of industrialization . ...became a major is- sue in the 1970's. ..the paper plants were polluting the lake. Sputnik U-2 Affair Test Ban Treaty Anti-Party Group Prague Spring: leads to Chronicle of Current Events: Platform, goal to spread information, and calling for human rights Solidarity Movement Samizdat Tamizdat: Andropov Berlin Wall Erected Berlin Wall Torn Down Czechoslovakian "Velvet Revolution"
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Economic "Cooperatives" Anti-Alcohol Campaign: drinking heavily, not worried about jobs labor productivity, but also
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Unformatted text preview: the health of the nation (end of Brezhnev) life expectancy is dropping ( 14 year difference in life expectancy b/t women and men a lot to do with the drinking habits, fatty foods, more labor-in-tensive work Ligachyov urged Gorbachev to do something about the alcoholism! Second Economy Andreyeva Affair Chernobyl: nuclear power plant built during Soviet Union, 100 miles from Kiev the roof blows off the reactor, a fire inside of the plant, engaged in a safety check sends huge quanities of radi-ation spreads, and nothing is said about it for 24 hours spewing into atmosphere, a radioactive cloud spreads everywhere, Belarus, etc still no official response, pl at the scene had inadequate protection18 days after the accident, and Gorbachev denounces the West for anti-Soviet propa-ganda much like the old Soviet way to handle events Yeltsin on Tank Glasnost: Mathias Rust...
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Russian 3rd ID"s - the health of the nation (end...

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