Russian History so far test 2

Russian History so far test 2 - 1 How and why did...

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1. How and why did Khrushchev institute de-Stalinization and what were its ramifica- tions? Removed his name from history and things he had named after himself. Lessened the gu- lag system and it's draconian laws. Lessened the impact of the Secret police. Relaxed private plot restrictions, lessened forced labor, lowered prices. Produced more common commodities, allowed for contact with the west including travel. This increased standards of living. Tightened down on religious freedom. Upon his defeat of the anti-party group he showed that the fear of the Stalinist era was truly over by letting them all go freely and assigning them to positions in remote locations. Agriculture reforms and investments were initially somewhat effective but later on proved to be ineptly planned. Sputnik, spent less on military. Reorganized government into a more confusing split of industry/agricultural, attempted to decentralize operations so that officials would be closer to the people. Hurt government efficiency. 2. Should Khrushchev be remembered as a failure or a success? Successes: Did not continue Stalin's tradition of executing political commissars Khrushchev Thaw, loose censorship Sputnik Increase in consumer goods traveled to the west and America initially okay relations. Liberalized travel and access to western culture Builds large housing buildings Abortion ban repealed High employment (mainly due to the labor shortage following all of the deaths from the war) Improved average living conditions Failures: Temper- public debacles lost him the respect of most Reorganization of government created a less efficient system, decentralization of officials Agriculture programs Frequent travel Foreign relations with china, and the west. Squashing of riots in eastern bloc.
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Russian History so far test 2 - 1 How and why did...

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