Brezhnev.A.11 - Accords ChineseSoviet Tensions: Nixon...

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Brinksmanship: Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct. 1962) US Naval Blockade: Khrushchev Humiliated US Concessions, Hotline & Test Ban Treaty Removal from Power (10/64): The Indictment Pensioner (1964-71): The Memoirs Khrushchev in Retrospect Post-Khrushchev Collective Leadership Brezhnev: Worker, Khrushchev Protégé, Rise to Power Personality, Governing Style, Life-Style Elite: Security, Mediocrity, Ageing, Conservative, Patronage, Privileges, & Corruption, Non- Russians Cold War under Brezhnev Defense Build-Up: Caught Up & Possibly Surpassed US Czechoslovakia: Prague Spring 1968 Reform Socialism with a Human Face Soviet Intervention Soviet—US Relations: Arms Control, Helsinki
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Unformatted text preview: Accords ChineseSoviet Tensions: Nixon Visits China (Feb. 1972) Invasion & Occupation of Afghanistan (Dec. 1979) End of Dtente: Boycott of Olympics Problems with Poland: Pope John Paul II Solidarity (Walesa) Martial Law (12/81) Economic Slowdown : Loss of Cheap Labor & Cheap Raw Materials, Defense Costs, Oil Price Drop Agriculture: Investments, Inefficiency, Imports Kosygin Reform (1965) Little Impact Everyday Life: Standard of Living Wages, Leisure No Unemployment, Pensions, Diet, Lines & Service, Durable Goods, Housing, Transportation...
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Brezhnev.A.11 - Accords ChineseSoviet Tensions: Nixon...

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