Brezhnev.B.11 - Dissident Movement : Becoming Alienated...

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Economic Slowdown : Loss of Cheap Labor & Cheap Raw Materials, Defense Costs, Oil Price Drop Agriculture: Investments, Inefficiency, Imports Kosygin Reform (1965) – Little Impact Everyday Life: Standard of Living – Wages, Leisure No Unemployment, Pensions, Diet, Lines & Service, Durable Goods, Housing, Transportation The Changing Soviet Citizen: Popular Culture: Books, TV, Music, Clothes, Religion Women: Employed, “Double Burden,” Babushka, Abortions, Pronatalist Policies Non-Russians: Size, Perceived Exploitation
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Unformatted text preview: Dissident Movement : Becoming Alienated Censorship: Samizdat, Tamizdat, Magnitizdat Trials, Protests, and Petitions Prague Spring Chronicle of Current Events : Platform Helsinki Accords Helsinki Watch Groups Leadership: Factions & Role of Foreign Media Medvedev: Neo-Leninists (Protected) Sakharov: Democratic Sots (Exiled 1980) Solzhenitsyn: Slavophiles (Deported 1974) Non-Russian (Baltics, Ukraine) & Religious Dissent Jewish Quotas, Trials, & Emigration Individual Defections and Enforced Exile Regime Responses: Harassment & Mental Hospitals Movement Crushed Private Dissent, Dropouts...
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Brezhnev.B.11 - Dissident Movement : Becoming Alienated...

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