Brezhnev.C.10 - Brezhnev’s Last Years US-Soviet...

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DISSIDENT MOVEMENT : Becoming Alienated Censorship: Samizdat, Tamizdat, Magnitizdat Trials, Protests, and Petitions Prague Spring Chronicle of Current Events : Platform Helsinki Accords Helsinki Watch Groups Medvedev: Neo-Leninists (Protected) Sakharov: Democratic Socialists (Exiled 1980) Solzhenitsyn: Slavophiles (Deported 1974) Individual Defections and Enforced Exile Movement Crushed Private Dissent, Dropouts
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Unformatted text preview: Brezhnev’s Last Years US-Soviet Relations: Reagan’s “Evil Empire” & NATO Andropov : Sick Reformer – Informed Police Sweeps Gorbachev: No. 2 Man; KAL 007 (9/83) Chernenko: Interlude – the “Old Guard” Hangs On GORBACHEV ERA: Making of a Reformer Collectivization, Terror, War Moscow State University & Raisa Stavropol Years (1955-78): The Rising Star Charisma, Talent, Conformity, Travel, Patrons Integrity: Contrast with Typical Apparatchik Politburo Member Agriculture: Saved by Brezhnev’s Death Travels to Canada & Britain...
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Brezhnev.C.10 - Brezhnev’s Last Years US-Soviet...

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