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The wild Swan's mother and her grandmother is relation to the men in their lives, particularly her father. the reading begins with the view of Jung's grandmother and how her father who displayed little to no affection towards her used her as a pawn to advance in society through marriage. her happiness in this marriage was neither a priority nor a concern. the beginning year of Jung's mother's life demonstrate the tribulation and lies Jung grandmother and most Asian women had to go through to protect and keep her daughter. Jung's mother proved to be more rebellious in nature as well as less tied down by the constraints of her society and actually able to follow her own path. However while she had more liberty the constraint of the
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Unformatted text preview: communist party was still very much present. Jung's adolescent years her parents activities had them outcaste as traitors and shaped her broken and dispersed family life and her own beliefs as she saw society's impact on them physically and emotionally. As the book comes to an end the changes in regime and society from the beginning of the book can be assessed and noticed. Wild Swans was written in the attempt to shed light on women's role in China's society at various periods in time as well as their attempts to break free and escape these conformities. Although Jung's experience is no doubt personal and not representative of all chinese families, it shed light on the ways in which china's regime could and did shape lives....
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