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Emacs Quick Reference Card Matt Fojtik – EECS 280 Fall 06 Command Name Windows Equivalent File Manipulation Ctrl-X, Ctrl-F - Find File New / Open Ctrl-X, Ctrl-S - Save Save Ctrl-X, Ctrl-W - Write Save As Commands Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C - Quit Emacs Exit Ctrl-G - Cancel Cancel “Edit Menu” Note: To cut or copy, first set the marker at the beginning of the text you want to copy. Then move the cursor to the end and use the keystroke to cut or copy. Ctrl-Shift-_ - Undo Undo Ctrl-Space - Set Marker Ctrl-W
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Unformatted text preview: -Cut Cut Esc-W-Copy Copy Ctrl-Y-Paste Paste Windowing Ctrl-X, 1-Full Screen Ctrl-X, 2-Split Horizontally Ctrl-X, 3-Split Vertically Ctrl-X, o-Use next window Navigation Arrow Keys-Move around file Ctrl-A-Beginning of Line Ctrl-E-End of Line Esc-A-Beginning of Text on Line Esc-E-End of Text on Line Searching Ctrl-S-Search Forward Find / Find Next Ctrl-R-Search Backward Esc-Shift-5-Search and Replace Find and Replace...
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