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discussion-1 - Are they religious • Why did Han Fei Zi...

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Introduction to China Discussion session Feb. 8, 2011 Questions: What are the meanings of “ren” in Confucius’s teachings? What is “li” (rituals/rules of propriety)? Why is “li” important? Why did Confucius believe that “li” was a better means than laws and punishment to govern the people? What is the biggest difference between the ideas of Confucius and Mozi? Where does Mozi’s idea of “universal love” differ from Confucius’s idea of ren? Did Confucius and Mozi believe in any kind of supernatural power? What is it?
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Unformatted text preview: Are they religious? • Why did Han Fei Zi stress the use of law rather than the cultivation of ren? • According to Han Fei Zi, what are the most effective means to discipline government officials? • What is Dao? • What is “wu-wei” (non-action)? Why did Laozi stress non-action? • What are the major differences between Confucianism and Daoism? • Compare among Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism, focusing on their different understandings of 1) personal goals; 2) methods of government; and 3) approaches of learning....
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