Gorbachev.B.10 - “Sinatra Doctrine” Replaces the...

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Regional Elections (12/89-6/90) Baltic Republics: Human Chain Lithuanian Pro-Independence Movement Wins Russia: Yeltsin Elected Supreme Soviet Chair Foreign Policy: Gorbachev Wants to Cut Military Spending Strategic Defense Initiative Strains US-Soviet Relations Improved Relations: Geneva (11/85) & Reykjavik (10/86) Arms Cuts: Washington DC (12/87) Bush-Gorbachev Relationship Slow to Develop Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan (5/88-2/89) Cost-Benefit Analysis: Leaving the Third World Gorbachev’s Visit to China Tiananmen Square (6/89) The End of Communism in Eastern Europe Gorbachev’s Attitude: Soviets Would No Loner Interfere
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Unformatted text preview: “Sinatra Doctrine” Replaces the Brezhnev Doctrine Poland Holds Free Elections: Solidarity Party Wins (6/89) Hungary Opens Border (8/89) East German Exit Route East Germany: Gorbachev’s Visit (10/89) Demonstrations Honecker Considers “Chinese Solution” Egon Krenz Replaces Honecker: Demonstrations Grow Berlin Wall Torn Down (11/89) Germany Reunifies (1990) Czechoslovakia: “Velvet Revolution” (11/24/89) Removal of Bulgarian Leader Democratic Reforms Romania: Week-Long Series of Violent Clashes (12/89) Government of Nicolae Ceauşescu Overthrown Ceauşescu and His Wife Executed...
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Gorbachev.B.10 - “Sinatra Doctrine” Replaces the...

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