IDs - 1. 17th Party Congress : would stand up there and...

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1. 17th Party Congress : would stand up there and speak of great successes and how bright the future was. Vote for next congress. Ballot for 1,000 some-odd people to vote for. Cross out names didn’t want. Close to 300 people crossed out Stalin’s name… he had the ballots destroyed. Stalin gives speeches of great success of collectivization and industrialization campaignAt these, get ready to vote for the next CC; choice was to cross out one name or else all would be approved; ballets showed that close to 300 people crossed out Stalin’s name; Stalin ordered ballets to be destroyed and 3 crossed on Kirov [Leningrad Party Secretary] 2. Kirov Assassination : Seen as Stalin’s likely successor; gives speeches at 17 th congress that revered Stalin ; talk of people wanted to put him up instead of Stalin behind closed doors; had more element of popularity and with the people, although Kirov was shown to fully support Stalin Dec 1, 1934: party member Leonid Nikolaev shoots Kirov point blank at party headquarters in Leningrad Nikolaev had problems with party; but did Stalin set this up? Believed by many to be recruited by NKVD by Stalin to assassinate Nikolaev; suspicious that Kirov’s bodyguard was around the corner to not really see it; Kirov was known to not like his bodyguard close to him; bodyguard died in car crash the next day 3. Military Purge: Purge started in 36 and lasted till about ‘38,Denunciations: by various officials; used as way to have boss arrested; get ahead in job, get better provisions that the person you denounced had [apartment, job, car, daily life stuff, and simply self-protection and fear][even jokes against Stalin could be used against you by NKVD] 4. Trotsky Assassinated : Finally ends up in Mexico City, writes a lot about denouncing Stalin May 24, 1940: assassination attempt by Stalin at Trotskys house [led by David Siqueiros] and Trotsky survives; puts up greater protection with aid of Mexican police Aug 1940; NKVD agent named Mercader got into his inner circle and attacked him from behind with ice pick; Trotsky lived on for another day but died due to severe brain damage Mercader declared by Stalin a Soviet Hero Commissars vanish Made these people vanish from history; attempted to rewrite Trotsky and other CC and Politburo members from history, reports, and even pictures; constant reprints of photos; even photo editing to make Stalin look better Even members of NKVD were taken out: Yzhov and Yagoda 5. The Gulag: Prison camps begin to dot soviet landscape,largest camps were in the far north that were extremely cold.interrogation; forced confession of crimes; shipped off… what happened to Kulaks earlier. -Labor camps…many didn’t survive the trip there…often depended on the guards… luck of the draw
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IDs - 1. 17th Party Congress : would stand up there and...

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