IDs - Battle of Kursk Non-aggression pact Zhukov Lend-lease...

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Battle of Kursk Non-aggression pact Zhukov Lend-lease Order 227/ order 270 Katyn massacre Yalta conference Bobi Yar Partisans Penal battalions Gulags Siege of Leningrad [Road of Life] Scorched earth policy: to destroy anything that couldn’t be evacuated [and might be of use] before the Germans came upon it [crops, cattle, homes, food, rail lines, communication lines, etc. in Russia]; Germans later did this as well when being pushed back by the Soviets to Leningrad 17 Party Congress [Kirov assassination]: [known as “Congress of Victors” because of success of first 5 yea plan] Stalin gives speeches of great success of collectivization and industrialization campaign At these, get ready to vote for the next CC; choice was to cross out one name or else all would be approved; ballets showed that close to 300 people crossed out Stalin’s name; Stalin ordered ballets to be destroyed and 3 crossed on Kirov [Leningrad Party Secretary] Kirov Assassination: Conspiracy or Lone Gunman? Seen as Stalin’s likely successor; gives speeches at 17 th congress that revered Stalin ; talk of people wanted to put him up instead of Stalin behind closed doors; had more element of popularity and with the people, although Kirov was shown to fully support Stalin Dec 1, 1934: party member Leonid Nikolaev shoots Kirov point blank at party headquarters in Leningrad Nikolaev had problems with party; but did Stalin set this up? Believed by many to be recruited by NKVD by Stalin to assassinate Nikolaev; suspicious that Kirov’s bodyguard was around the corner to not really see it; Kirov was known to not like his bodyguard close to him; bodyguard died in car crash the next day
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IDs - Battle of Kursk Non-aggression pact Zhukov Lend-lease...

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