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Introduction to China Essay #1 Due Tuesday, 2/15/2011 TOPIC Option 1: The Ideas of Confucius Discuss the ideas of Confucius, such as ren (perfect virtue), li (ritual or rules of propriety), and junzi (superior man or gentleman), drawing on The Analects from Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy , pp. 1-50. Option 2: The Ideas of Laozi Discuss the ideas Laozi, such as dao (Way), relativity, and non-action, etc., drawing on The Daodejing from Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy , pp. 157-200. Option 3: A Comparison between Confucius and Laozi Your discussion should be based on The Analects and The Daodejing as specified above, focusing on their different ideas that are comparable or contrasting to each other, such as their respective thoughts on morality, society, government, and knowledge, etc. REQUIREMENTS: 1) Your essay is expected to explain clearly what the ideas of Confucius and/or Laozi are, using one or a few paragraphs for each idea or concept. (30%) 2) Your writing should be analytical. In other words, you should discuss
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