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Intro to China essay _2 - Introduction to China Essay#2 Due...

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Introduction to China Essay #2 Due Thursday, 4/21/2011 TOPIC Read Jung Chang’s Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China , think about which part of the book interests you the most, and write an essay to discuss an issue arising from your reading and digestion of the book. REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING POLICY: 1. Based on Wild Swans , your paper should have a thesis (a central argument or a statement of your opinion, rather than a statement of fact or facts) and you should use evidence from Wild Swans to support your thesis throughout the paper. 1 (40%) 2. The paper should be well structured. Your ideas should be cleared articulated and logically organized throughout the paragraphs, and there should be smooth transitions between paragraphs. (20%) 3. The paper should be well written. Sentences should be grammatically composed and words correctly spelt. (20%) 4. The paper should be at least 4 full double-spaced pages and no more than 6 double- spaced pages in length, using a 12-point font and the standard one-inch margins. (10%) 5.
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