Khrushchev.A.11 - Forced to Resign & Appointed to Minor...

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Khrushchev Era: Revitalization of the System Succession Struggle: Molotov, Malenkov, Beria, Khrushchev Plot against Beria (6/53): Role of Military Khrushchev’s Rise to Power De-Stalinization: Pressures for Change Dilemmas & First Steps: Pospelov Commission 1.5 Million Prisoners Return in 1953 20 th Party Congress (2/56): “Secret Speech” Motives & Limits of Criticism Reactions: Trouble in the Eastern Bloc Preview: East German Revolt – Crushed (6/53) Turmoil in Poland (6/56): “Many Roads to Socialism” Peaceful Resolution: Warsaw Pact Intact Hungarian Uprising (10/56): Mass Demonstrations Government Proposals; Crushed by Soviet Tanks Khrushchev in Crisis: “Anti-Party Group” (6/57)
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Unformatted text preview: Forced to Resign & Appointed to Minor Posts De-Stalinization Resumed: 22 nd Party Congress (10/61) The “Thaw”: Poetry: Evtushenko & Prose: Solzhenitsyn Liberalization Reversed: Anti-Modern Art Diatribe (11/62) The “Freeze”: Pasternak Affair (10/58); Stilyagi Movement Economic Policies: Agriculture: Virgin Lands, Prices, Plots, Corn Industry: Decentralization Reforms Standard of Living: Housing; Consumer Goods; Poor Quality Diet; More Leisure (Dachas), Social Problems Unmarried Mothers: Abortion Ban Repealed (1955) Labor Policy: Less Draconian, Wage Reform, Unrest: Novocherkassk Massacre (6/62)...
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Khrushchev.A.11 - Forced to Resign & Appointed to Minor...

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