Khrushchev.B.11 - US – Soviet Relations “Peaceful...

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The “Freeze”: Pasternak Affair (10/58) Disaffected Youth: Stilyagi Movement Economic Policies Agriculture: Virgin Lands, Prices, Plots, Corn Industry: Decentralization (Regional Econ. Councils) Living Standard: Housing; Consumer Goods; Poor Quality Diet, More Leisure (Dachas), Social Problems Unmarried Mothers: Abortion Ban Repealed (1955) Labor Policy: Less Draconian, Wage Reform Unrest: Novocherkassk Massacre (June 1962) COLD WAR Arms Race & Reduced Conventional Forces Chinese-Soviet Relations: Tensions Schism Third World Competition: Foreign Aid Drain
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Unformatted text preview: US – Soviet Relations: “Peaceful Coexistence” Exchanges; “Kitchen Debate”; “Spirit of Camp David” U-2 Affair: Eve of Paris Summit (May 1960) Propaganda Victory, but ICBM Bluff Confirmed Khrushchev’s United Nations’ Speech (9/1960) Berlin Wall (August 1961): US-Soviet Tank Face-Off Ended Mass Emigration, but Ideological Defeat Brinksmanship: Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct. 1962) US Naval Blockade: Khrushchev Humiliated US Concessions, Hotline & Test Ban Treaty Removal from Power (10/64): The Indictment Pensioner (1964-71): The Memoirs Khrushchev in Retrospect...
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Khrushchev.B.11 - US – Soviet Relations “Peaceful...

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