NOTES FOR EXAM - History 343M Opposition: Populists Going...

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Unformatted text preview: History 343M Opposition: Populists Going to the People (1874) Terrorism Assasinated: Nikolai Kibalchich: finally succeeded in assassinating Tsar Alexander II on May 13, 1881 En route to Winter Palace; killed by second bomb that lured him out of bullet-proof carriage Lenins elder brother, Alexander Ulyanov took part in assassination of Alexander III on March 1, 1887 and executed in Petersburg Sot Revolutionaries (SRs) Leader = Victor Chernov Marxists: Communist Manifesto Lenin: Personality and Theory Not allowed in higher universities in Petersburg and starts to follow revolutionary path Writes What is to be done in favor of Marxism Need a vanguard [political power]to further the revolution Bolshevik- Menshevik Split Those who dont agree will turn into a dictatorship and form Menshevik [even though they are majority and Bolsheviks are minority] Liberals: Cadets and Octobrists parties Political police: Okhrana Nicholas II: Reluctant Tsar Father suddenly dies Personality and political philosophy Unprepared, never really coached Family: Empress Alexandra [German princess, had to convert to Orthodox] and Tsarevich Has many daughters and only one son, Tsarevich Alexei [had hemophilia though] Russo-Japanese War Like Russia, late to industrialize Period of colonies = competed against each other for Manchuria, Korea, etc Russia felt no need to compromise with them; thought they were militarily mighterier but didnt take first move in order to blame Japan Japan sinks military fleet of ships in 1904, misunderstood Japans army in size Russia sends fleet from Baltics and took 7 months and basically defeated at arrival Defeats -> Discontent, including Conservative 1905 Revolution Attempted to hear the petitions of the workers and correct the wrongs caused by the factory owners; no good so. Strike and unrest Father Gapon: Petition to the Tsar (Jan. 9) in St. Petersburg Bloody Sunday -> Nationwide unrest Sparks mass demonstrations, strikes, rallies Peasants start to rise Even parts of military mutiny on ships Tsar ends the war with Japan, 1905 with Teddy Roosevelt leading discussions October General Strike -> October Manifesto Workers strike; railroad workers paralyze the economy and troops cant be moved to put down unrest because of railroads Witte says to grant some rights to the people or else entire military will mutiny if violence occurs so October Manifesto: Some basic freedoms and creates lower house of representation, [Popular representation] (Duma) composed of people from all sectors No law can take place without go ahead from Duma [yea right] People though gov was headed towards parliamentary government Soviet (Trotsky) -> December Uprising Led by Leon Trotsky, uses soviet to take over St. Petersburg Dec 1905: people in Moscow attempt to do what they did in...
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NOTES FOR EXAM - History 343M Opposition: Populists Going...

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