Primary 1 - In Andrs Chacns letter from Trujillo, Peru to...

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In Andrés Chacón’s letter from Trujillo, Peru to his family in Spain, we see two concepts central to the encomienda system: the diversity of business enterprises the encomenderos were able to take advantage of, and the lack of regulation of the encomiendas from the Spanish government. The business opportunities available to encomenderos differed in the fact that there was much less competition within the colonies than in Spain, and that the natural resources they were exploiting in their various enterprises were usually to the long-established indigenous lifestyles. The encomenderos made it almost impossible for the indigenous people to use any of the resources that had been freely available to them for centuries, and expanded their own use of these resources so much that major resource depletion was bound to occur. Peru was full of natural resources that the indigenous people were either not aware of or had no need for. When the Spanish arrived, they saw the variety of the resources and quickly converted them to business opportunities. The small number of Spaniards, especially those of nobility who could become encomenderos, in Peru assured that each encomendero could have a variety of operations running simultaneously. Chacón alone is operating a silver mine, a mule-breeding business, and a grain mill. Some of these activities were going on before colonization, but
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Primary 1 - In Andrs Chacns letter from Trujillo, Peru to...

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