rus hist 1917 test 3 - RUS HIST 1917 TUESDAY April 5th The...

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RUS HIST 1917 TUESDAY April 5 th The “Freeze” Pasternak Affair → a famous writer, escaped the great terror, translated shakespeare into russian -dr. zhivago; hoped to be published in Soviet Union, smuggled out of country -not anti-soviet, but kruschev got ahold of it -not arrested, not forced to give up dacha, denounced in the press -retreat from liberal policies Disaffected Youth: Stilyagi Movement -young people enamored with the West, chances to see what life is like outside the country ECONOMIC POLICIES **Interested in improving standard of living Kruschev deffended collectivization, but knew about the backwardness of the countryside A. Agriculture: 1. Virgin lands → untilled, uncultivated land, there was a lot of it, to improve amount of food grown -a Stalinist campaign. ...300,000 pl would go out to these areas, but primitive conditions b.c nothing was there, although successful -harvest 54-55 was above before, but also b/ c of tractors, improvements -an attempt, initially successful, but extended to areas that weren't suitable 2. prices → improve what collective farms receive 3. plots → increased household plots, the market for selling their crops improved 4. corn → Kruschev went to Iowa. ....amazed how advanced US agriculture is, he wants to provide more meat for S Union, by growing corn, and inexpensive crop for fodder -needed area for growing corn, wanted quick fixes without regarding issues of agriculture **countryside remains bleak, young pl want to get away from. ..would try to escape -population mainly female. ....and young pl B. Industry ** problems in cities, GDP grows 5.9%. ...2 nd half of Kruschev era, growth gets slower 1. Decentralization → (Regional Econ. Councils) C. Standard of Living 1. Housing → communal apartments, very crowded, couch fold out bed. ....had to share the kitchen (for a few families. ...didn't choose to live together) Kruschev would issue housing boom. were 5 stories high, “Kruschev slums” -typically build in blocks in factories and placed in with concrete -source of criticism, built cheaply, People are eating better, job security, people also have more leisure time. ..b.c work week is better - got vacation time from work Life in Soviet Union: sports, dachas. ....really enjoy working on the land alcoholism, (later) women → state decides to end ban on abortion, desired to increase the size of the population -were still getting them, but remains campaign against them **abortion form of contraception, b.c didn't provide it. ..
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C. Labor policy: -not as strict anymore with hours, policies, really hard to get fired -an attempt to improve wages for workers June 2 nd , 1962 → workers outraged that work norms increased, workers decide to strike. ...illegal (constitutionally illegal) strike near railroad lines (like bloody sunday) pl are not unruly. ...not clear what happened. ..troops tried to control, shot, 24 killed, dozens injured, tried to get rid of evidence of this event -those who participated (116) were arrested,.
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rus hist 1917 test 3 - RUS HIST 1917 TUESDAY April 5th The...

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