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Russian final essays - Essay 1 I agree with Thompson in...

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Essay 1 I agree with Thompson in believe that the collapse of the monarchy in February of 1917 had a good chance of survival had it not been for WWI. .. at least for an unforeseeable length of time. There was general unrest from time to time but changes were being made to accommodate the unrest that went on. The economy was beginning to pick up and economic improvements were consistently being made. Remarkable economic expansion was going on, rapid advances in education, improvement in peasant status and conditions, an increase in political security and spontaneity, and broadening and deepening of civil rights. All of these economic changes were brought to a halt with the war. One of the things that kept the Tsar system working was the fact that people perceived the Tsar, throughout Russia’s long history, to be an omnipotent figure. When he left the capitol, due to the war, and began to oversee a battle which Russia continued to lose, his image was greatly damaged in the eyes of the people. The fact that someone disgusting as Rasputin infiltrated the palace, to where he was killed by respectable and powerful people, also hurt the image of the Tsar greatly. This must have affected the soldiers enough to where they turned on him in 1917, or at least refused to protect his government . The solders had begun to blame the Tsar and the privileged elite for the war, the terrible barrack life, the loss of land due to the war, and the deplorable living conditions in general. Another great point could be made that the Russians, by way of the war, were exposed to outside influences that may have conflicted with living under a Tsarist regime and emboldened them enough to aid the Bolshevik takeover, or at least not to impede it. There were many strikes but they were all effectively put down at the time and things like the “Stolypin Land Reforms” were in the making before the war stopped them. Many dictators have held control of countries in which they were very unpopular among the people. The lost faith of the military due to the war was a large problem. Also, the well educated wanted rid of the Tsar. Due to the war, those in Petrograd and abroad couldn’t get supplies. The optimists in the Mendel article believed that had the war not intervened, Russia could have advanced much further, peacefully, through the pressures of the growing labor movement, the liberal middle class, and the socially-conscious intelligentsia. Some even believe that in spite of the war, had Tsar Nicholas agreed to work with the people’s desires even a little bit, all would have been well. They refer to the economic improvements and developments I have mentioned in my argument to back up their beliefs that had it not been for the war, Russia may have continued on as it was. The pessimists, led by the thinking of professors Von Laue and Haimson claim the mentioned improvements were not enough to keep a revolution from happening. They believe that incidents such as the Revolution of
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Russian final essays - Essay 1 I agree with Thompson in...

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