Terms[1] - The Stolypin Reforms Stolypin passed the law...

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Unformatted text preview: The Stolypin Reforms Stolypin passed the law saying that all people can own their own land and get out of the land commune that had held the P’s hostage for so long. Only moderately successful because at the peak, only 20% owned their own land. Was in law until the revolution in 1917. He said it would take about 20 years to take full effect. Kadets Constitutional Democratic Party formed in 1905. They wanted an elected government, private ownership of land, private industry and private farming. They would have had the Tsar as a figurehead in a Parliamentary Democracy. They were the Bols main opposition for most of the time until they took full control. Mine: missing meg Rasputin A self proclaimed holy man, with mystical powers. The Tsarina, Alexandra was concerned about her son’s hemophiliac condition therefore she sought help from many sources. This is when Gregory Rasputin shined. He was the only person who could remedy the Tsarina’s son Alexis. Because of his special talent he received much trust and respect from the Tsarina. She quickly looked to him for council in politics for her husband because she thought Rasputin saw “far ahead”. Thus he gained much power, despite his unsavory personality. Because he proved himself effective at healing Alexis he began to earn the power of influencing appointments. His end was brought in 1916 when he was murderd by nobles and conservatives. Although he was killed the public disgust with the tsar especially after Rasputin came was irreparable. April Thesis “All power to the soviets”. Lenin’s thoughts that if revolution happened in Russia that it would spread to the rest of Europe and that the whole Euro continent would become sot. He made these speeches upon his arrival back from exile in Switzerland. He said that the Bols should ignore all other forms of government and all other parties so that communism could take over. What is to be done?’- written by Lenin in 1902, adjusting Marxism to meet Russian demands; established the vanguard for the revolution that was not an open democratic organization but of exclusively for radical, committed professionals (evolved into the Bolsheviks) Constituent Assembly A constitutional body convened in Russia after the October Revolution of 1917. In January 1919 it was dissolved by the Bolshevik-Left SR coalition government. Bloody Sunday Jan 9th all the protesters were nonviolent, wore their Sunday best, and were told not to wear Red, the color of revolt. They were marching to the palace to talk but the police and army shot into the crowd killing many. This was taken as a revolt on government, but in fact was not. Marked the final stage to set up the 1905 revolution....
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Terms[1] - The Stolypin Reforms Stolypin passed the law...

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