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Chil 160 Syllabus

Chil 160 Syllabus - San Diego Community College District...

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San Diego Community College District Miramar College Course Syllabus Email: [email protected] Professor Sally Nalven Semester : Spring 2011 Office Location : F207 Office Phone : (619) 388-7681 Or Center Phone : (858)536-7851 Office Hours : T-F 11:00-12:00 Thursdays 1:00 -2:00 P.M., Other hours by appointment Course Title : Observing and Understanding Children Units: 2 Subject Area and Course Number : Child Development 160 Course Crn #:75852 Class Meets : Wednesdays 9:35-10:25 A.M Room F212 and three hours a week in the campus lab, F200. Course Description: This course focuses on behavioral patterns and growth processes of young children through observations and supervised participation in the campus Child Development Center. The course emphasizes the principles of observing, interpreting and guiding children = s behavior. Topics include children = s developmental, safety and nutritional needs. The course fulfills the specialization requirements for the State of California Master Teacher Permit when taken with Chil 161 and Chil 162 or Chil 161 and Chil 188. (FT) Associate Degree Credit and transfer to CSU and/or private colleges and universities. Student Learning Objectives : The student will: 1. Describe and interpret the operating policies and procedures of the campus lab 2. Apply the philosophy of the campus lab when carrying out assigned tasks 3. Describe the growth and developmental patterns of children between the ages of two and five 4. Display appropriate guidance techniques and practices in working with young children 5. Examine the role of observation in interpreting children = s behavior 6. Compare and contrast the different parenting styles and their effects on children 7. Identify sound nutritional guidelines and safety practices for young children Evaluation Points % of Grade Chil 160 Spring 2011 Page 1
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A. Lab class attendance, promptness, participation (Lab points may be negative) 48 27% B. Class assignments and PSAB participation 70 37% C. Exams (Covers all readings and class discussions) 50 26% D. Class participation and attendance 20 10% Total 188 100 The instructor reserves the right to change the above assignments and points. Please Note: Assignments are due any time the day of the due date. Only hard copies are accepted, please do not email assignments. Assignments turned in after the due date, if accepted, will receive a deduction of points, usually one letter grade or more. No papers will be accepted two weeks beyond the due date. All papers must be typed using black ink, 12pt. font, double-spaced, 1” margins. Students must keep a copy of all papers and assignments submitted and retain all graded assignments until the end of the semester. Students must notify the instructor in advance if they are unable to take the midterm on the scheduled date, and must take the test prior to the next class meeting. Make-up tests may result in a deduction of points, usually one letter grade. There will be
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Chil 160 Syllabus - San Diego Community College District...

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