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Unformatted text preview: SET B Multiple Choice : 1. Given a position diagram of particle below what is the displacement, x, and total distance, S, traveled by the particle? a. x = +7 m & S = 7 m b. x = +7 m & S = 15 m c. x = -7 m & S = 7 m d. x = +7 m & S = 15 m 2. On distance vs. time graph, a straight line sloping upward to the right corresponds to a motion at a. constant acceleration b. constant velocity c. increasing acceleration d. increasing velocity 3. The acceleration of a stone thrown upward is a. greater than that thrown downward c. smaller than that thrown downward b. the same as that thrown downward d. none of the above 4. Two metal balls are the same size but one weighs twice as much as the other. The balls are dropped from the roof of a single story building at the same instant. Neglecting air resistance, the time it takes the from the roof of a single story building at the same instant....
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