PHY10 Quiz No. 3 SET C 3Q 10-11

PHY10 Quiz No. 3 SET C 3Q 10-11 - from rest and moves to...

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PHY10 Quiz No. 3 SET C ___ READ CAREFULLY: Copy the Set Letter and the Questionnaire Number at the upper-right hand corner of the cover page of your quiz booklet. Do not write anything on this questionnaire. Instructions: Solve the following problems.  Show complete and detailed solutions using one page problem. Do not use the back page.  Final answers should be rounded–off to two decimal places. Box all final answers. 1. A civil engineer wishes to design a curved exit ramp for a highway in such a way that a car will not have to rely  on friction to round the curve that has a radius of 60 meters without skidding. If the highway is to be banked at an  angle of 20 o,  what should be the designated speed for that ramp?  2. Consider a system shown in figure 2, block A weighs 45 N and block B weighs 30 N.  (a) Once block A starts 
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Unformatted text preview: from rest and moves to the right determine the acceleration if µ between block A and the surface is 0.2. Determine the distance traveled and its velocity after 0.5 seconds. (b) With µ =0.2, what should be the new weight of block B so that both blocks A and B will move with constant velocity? 3. Determine the tension in each cord if the weight of the suspended object is 200N, refer to figure 3. 4. You’re part of a mission carrying humans to the surface of the planet Mars, which has radius of 3.4 x 10 6 m and a mass 6.42 x 10 23 kg. The earth weight of the mars lander is 39,200 N. Calculate it weight F g and the gravitation g due to the gravity of Mars. (a) 6 x 10 6 m above the surface of Mars and (b) at the surface of Mars. Figure 3 Figure 2 Figure 1...
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